Testimonial Jessica Kupferman

Before I hired Roberto, I was DROWNING in extra tech work that I couldn’t do. As a website designer and educator, I was scared to death to hire ANYONE; I felt really controlling and had to do everything myself.

But once I hired him, I was amazed at how fast he turned my work around and how PERFECTLY he did everything. If he had questions, he asked, but I’ve never had to show him how to do anything twice (and often, I haven’t even had to show him)! He’s very instinctive and extremely timely. He and I developed a system for uploading and promoting my podcasts; without his help, it would have never grown the way that it has. I’m eternally grateful to have him in my pocket and am happy to glow about him, even if it means more people will know about my best-kept secret.

Jessica Kupferman,  www.jessicakupferman.com