Testimonial Erin Cox

I was having a lot of small issues with my website and wanted to make some tweaks that I did not have time to figure out on my own. I felt a lot of anxiety about running every aspect of my business by myself and didn’t have someone who was responsive and reliable to fix and tweak things as needed.

Roberto started out doing some smaller projects for me, which he did beautifully, and I started asking him to do more and more. I now feel like I am creating more of a “team” of people who are supporting me and it makes me feel like I can do what I am best at, creating content! Knowing I can depend on Roberto when I am in a pinch has substantially reduced my anxiety around launching programs.

I have been very impressed with Roberto’s range of technical expertise as well as his responsiveness and speed. He’s been able to solve and fix pretty much every tech problem I’ve thrown his way. I have already recommended him to a number of my clients and friends and will continue to do so. He’s fantastic!

Erin Cox