Testimonial Dana Murguia

Roberto has a rare ability to intuit what a business owner needs and he crafts their vision through his web design. A fellow student in Marie Forleo’s B-School told me Roberto was very perceptive when it came to design, even if few words were exchanged and communication occurred via email. I was skeptical, but after working with Roberto, I realize that it was true.

It has been a pleasure working with Roberto, who is always professional and patient with my many modifications, including the time he laughed off a terrifying moment when I deleted a ton of Word Press web content. He reinstalled it all without complaint. Not every web designer understands the need for start-ups to edit their own websites, so it is a huge bonus that Roberto is completely flexible with this; he never gets cranky or tries to remain proprietary with my content changes (in order to charge the client more).

Roberto is able to pull off any technical challenge I toss his way. He is cutting edge and a pro of the utmost integrity. He will quickly become your go-to guy, unless I hire him first.

Dana Murgia, Co-Owner, CareMatch www.caregiverhire.com